Петра Алексеева 93
Петра Алексеева 87/5
Богдана Чижика 33/2
+7 (4112) 39-03-30
+7 (4112) 40-38-60
+7 (4112) 21-38-39
The results of the children drawing contest are finally summated. The contest was managed by the Phthisiatry Center’s Labor Union Committee as a multi-purposed effort to: raise medical job prestige; promote the activities of Labor… More
Applications were submitted by 8 teams of the city of Yakutsk. Teams comprised members from various medical institutions. In the Yakutia’s Phthisiatry Center, the Council of Nurses chaired by Lena A. Sleptsova, as soon as… More
The other day volunteers from labor union organization of the Technical Engineering Institute of the M.K. Ammosov North-East Federal Universuty visited children at the Pediatric TB Clinic of the Phthisiatry Center, bringing the presents, and… More